PODE 2012

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VCU hosted the international conference, Progress on Difference Equations (PODE 2012), from May 13-18, 2012.

Previous meetings in the series had been

For further details and the schedule of the talks, please visit 

The PODE 2012 Organizers are Professors Candace Kent and David Chan.

VCUPME12 Photos & Videos

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Thank you for joining us on the 21st of April, 2012 for a student-friendly conference in the heart of Virginia's historic capital city of Richmond. 

VCUPME12  Photo & Video Highlights
[Download a PDF program with abstracts]

Student Talks

11:05-11:20 ~ Speaker: Cory H. Colbert

Title: Algebraic Identities Involving Quadratic Irrationals

11:20-11:35 ~ Speaker: Trenicka Kiara Rolle

Title: Fluid Structure Interaction within Alveoli


11:35-11:50 ~ Speaker: Arqam Ahsan

Title: Modeling Criminal Behavior and Crime Dynamics


11:50-12:05 ~ Racheal Cooper
Title: A Brief Description of a Mathematical Model of the Immune System

12:05-12:50 ~ Lunch

Keynote Speaker (Pure Mathematics)

Location: Temple Building, auditorium 1165

1:00-2:00 ~ "Games and Groups"

by Dr. Mike Hill of UVa

Part 1 ~ Intro to the algebra behind puzzles

Part 2 ~ Puzzle moves into group axioms

Part 3 ~ The algebraic group in the Rubik's Cube

Part 4 ~ Degrees of freedom in the Rubik's Cube

Part 5 ~ Structure of the Rubik's Cube group

Part 6 ~ Order of elements in the Rubik's Cube group

Part 7 ~ Sudoku and intransitivity

Part 8 ~ The question of unique solutions in Sudoku

Student Talks

2:15-2:30 ~ Speaker: Sudharshana Srinivasan

Title: A list-scheduling based approximation algorithm for the spatial scheduling problem.


2:30-2:45 ~ Speaker: Jiukali Li

Title: Cellular Automata Approach to Passivation of Metal


2:45-3:00 ~ Speaker: Matt Parker
Title: Commutative Calculus


3:00-3:15 ~ Speaker: Le Yang
Title: A multi-scale model of acute lung injury: role of alveolar type II epithelial cells


3:15-3:30 ~ Speaker: Toni Sorrell
Title: What's the Right Number to Fight Crime?


3:30-3:45 ~ Speaker: James Lee
Title: Riffle Shuffle

Keynote Speaker (Applied Mathematics)

Location: Temple Building, auditorium 1165

4:00-5:00 ~ "From Toilets to Mexican Hats" by Dr. Ermentrout of UPitt

Part 1 ~ Intro, femme fatale fireflies & dynamic instability

Part 2 ~ Animal coats, brain activity & seashell patterns

Part 3 ~ Feedback: The hot and cold shower, more fireflies

Part 4 ~ Mexican hats, LSD goggles, and drug hallucination form constants

Part 5 ~ Drug hallucinations, positive feedback, and the Millennium Bridge

Part 6 ~ Infinitely flushing toilets and cellular automata

The conference was followed by dinner at

Mekong Vietnamese Restaurant (included in registration)

Location:  VCUPME12 took place on the 4th floor of Harris Hall on the campus of VCU.   The only exceptions were our two invited talks (1pm and 4pm) which were in room 1165 of Temple Hall, which is located across  Main St from Harris Hall.

Our two invited speakers for VCUPME12:

Email us at VCUMathClub at gmail with any questions.

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