The Best Math Grad School Resources

There are some really great math grad school resources out there.  And lots of bad ones and broken links in between. 

Here we brought together all of our favorite and most useful lists, links, downloads, info & advice on grad apps and grad life.
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Resource titleCategoryBest featuresMain linkAnother useful linkUniversity/Organization
Resource titleCategoryBest featuresMain linkAnother useful linkUniversity/Organization
Admission & Application Info Resource pages Many math dept websites could learn from this site. Most of its info applies to math graduate school in general. Application & Admissions Requirements Their general math graduate page University of Minnesota 
What are the major fields of pure & applied mathematics research? Resource pages Someone at MIT put in some careful thought to come up with these clear, interesting descriptions. Very thorough, includes most every main area of mathematics research. Pure math research areas Applied math research areas MIT 
Grad School FAQs Resource page Answers the most common questions about math grad school & apps you might have. Grad School FAQs PDFs: senior theses  Harvard 
The big-name resources & links for math grad study Resource page Many links. Not personal. Includes fellowship info and math employment trends. AMS grad school links  AMS 
Grad Cafe Rankings & departments Do a search for a specific department to get a forum with user acceptance/rejection data All the math forums Famous applications results forum  
Top 50 Math Grad Programs Rankings & departments A simple top-50 list based on National Research Council's 1995 ranking. List is linked to dept websites. Top 50 departments From The Chronicle: a more detailed data table of NRC's rankings of PhD math programs. Includes description of metrics. Knox College 
AMS Annual Survey: Groupings of Departments Rankings & departments "Official" since it's by the AMS. Doesn't use number rank, but groups by approx quality/type. AMS annual survey results American Mathematical Society homepage for students AMS 
Math Grad School Rankings Rankings & departments Drop down menu to get rankings for particular math specialties Math Rankings  U.S. News & World Report 
Counterexamples in Topology Prep for Qualifying Exams Gathers classic and obscure counterexamples in topology in order to solidify definitions & characterizations On Amazon  Steen & Seebach (authors) 
Counterexamples in Analysis Prep for Qualifying Exams Massive, organized collection of counterexamples which help solidify definitions and characterizations in analysis. On Amazon  Gelbaum & Olmstead (authors) 
Official Math GRE Page Math GRE Download the PDF booklet & study it to death. Math GRE Official ETS prep booklet for Math GRE (PDF) ETS Math GRE Very active. Discusses many specific math problems. forums Consolidated list of Math Subject GRE FAQs 
Cracking the GRE Mathematics Subject Test, 4th Ed Math GRE Not perfect, but the best there is for studying for the math GRE. Great starting point for seeing where you stand on the big topics on the subject GRE. On Amazon  Princeton Review 
Three archived Math GRE exams Math GRE PDFs of three old ETS Math GRE subject tests. Note that the older the exam is, the less of a match it will be to today's exams (in difficulty and content), but even the old tests are great practice! Three old exams download link (PDFs) Current ETS practice booklet (PDF) UCSB Math Club 
Terry Tao's Career Advice for All Stages of Math Career Grad school life & guides Direct from incredibly brilliant mathematician. Advice categorized by stage of math career from high school & on. Terry Tao's Career Advice Terry Tao's blog's home page  
A Mathematician's Survival Guide Grad school life & guides Famous mathematician author. Very detailed & personal. Extremely useful advice for math grad school, from grad apps to job offers. On Amazon Author Steven G. Krantz on Wikipedia AMS 
Standard math courses and when to take what Grad school life & guides Instead of just listing the content of normal undergrad math classes, this site also talks about when and why to take each undergrad course as prep for the future. Undergrad advice  SUNY Geneseo 
The Smart Student's Guide to Earning an M.A. or PhD Grad school life & guides Extremely comprehensive book, from applications to job offers. On Amazon   
Detailed list of math PhDs & their current jobs Grad school life & guides So detailed! Includes thesis, advisors, and where they work now. Detailed Math PhD List Less detailed version University of Minnesota 
Considering Graduate Study? Grad school life & guides Extremely detailed. Walks you through like a caring but honest mentor. Not specific to math. Grad Study FAQs  University of Maryland 
AMS Graduate Student Blog Grad school life & guides Updated often, many authors. Get an idea what math grad school is all about. Blog homepage Blog's "advice" posts By grad students across the U.S. 
Considering math grad school FAQs Grad school life & guides Detailed answers to some FAQs including, "How important is my choice of grad school?" FAQs  Purdue University 
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